Testimonials from our members

Theres only one Oakwood Gym. I like the people that come here. The state of the art equipment, the old school equipment. Ive been coming here for 4 years and theres nothing like it. Everybody has different goals so it makes for a better place to be.

Billy W.
Billy W., Gym Member

I’ve been coming here for a few years.The staff and members are friendly.
Its a good clean workout environment.

Izzy, Gym Member

The hours are great. I can come here real early in the morning before I go to work. The atmosphere is great. Everybody has good etiquette and picks up after themselves. They have pretty much everything you would want.

George J.
George J., Gym Member

Ive been coming here over a year. Oakwood is very personable. Im not a fan of big gyms. It has a lot of machines compared to larger gyms. I like that I can come in, get on any machine to workout and leave.

Louise, Gym Member

Everyone here seems to be serious about their health. Its a good place. The mood is legitimate. You can really tell people are here for their health and here for their body so its sets a certain tone other gyms don’t really have.

Mo E.
Mo E. , Gym Member

Oakwood Gym is the number one gym! Clean environment, friendly people, please come and join!

Ramon S.
Ramon S., Gym Member

Ive been here for 18 years. Its really clean, the staff is friendly good people. The equipment is magnificent. Im really happy with Oakwood Gym.

Hoss H.
Hoss H., Gym Member

Oakwood Gym! Where you can go heavy or you can go light. Its where its at! Best gym in the world!

Orlando, Gym Member