Frequently Asked Questions

1) What kind of atmosphere does your facility have?
A: We have controlled atmosphere with a list of rules designed so that everyone can use the gym equally

2) Do you have to be a member to participate in kicking classes?
A: No, you are welcome to join the kicking classes with or w/o membership

3) Do you offer Protein and Energy Drinks?
A: We have a full line of Pre and Post workout Drinks available

4) Where are you located?
A: 17767 Dix, Melvindale, MI 48122. Convenienty located close to all major freeways

5) How can I pay for my membership?
A: Several options available. You can pay in full up front with cash, check, or charge. We also offer programs that you can pay monthly.

6) Is your facility co-op?
A: Yes it is. Also set up so that everyone can enjoy the facility equally.

7) Do you offer Personal Training?
A: We have several independent personal trainers to choose from.

8) What if I don’t understand how to use the equipment?
A: We always have staff that are able to demonstrate how equipment works if you have questions.

9) Do you offer Corporate Membership?
A: We do offer corporated deals if interested please inquiry within.

10) Can kids work out?
A: We do allow kids(+12 Years) to workout with parents if both have memberships.

11) Do you have showers?
A: Yes we do. We also have spacious locker rooms.

What are your hours?
Mon-Thurs  Open at 4:30 AM Close at 12:00 AM
Fri———Open at 4:30 AM Close at 9:00 PM
Sat——–Open at 8:00 AM Close at 8:00 PM
Sun——-Open at 8:00 AM Close at 6:00 PM